Kinisi Career Coaching

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Discovering your passion and finding truly enjoyable work can be incredibly challenging. If you, like many others out there, are you looking for fulfillment from your career, considering a career change, or feel like you’re simply “phoning it in” each day at work, it’s time to take serious action.

Feelings of being blocked and unfulfilled typically arise from a flaw in your mindset. At Kinisi, we specialize in helping you retrain your brain, and our combined experience spans almost two decades. We help you explore options, discover what you really want, find that new career, or make whatever changes are necessary for you.

Kínisi Career Coaching helps you take your career to the next level:

  • Identify your professional strengths, deficiencies, and ideal career goals
  • Create a vision for your career and build on developmental opportunities
  • Identify the best career opportunities for you
  • Create a career package (resume, interview effectiveness, online presence, networking plan)
  • Identify your ‘edge’ and create a plan to enhance it
  • Discuss performance metrics related to your career

Kínisi career coaching and mentorship has been proven effective and has helped hundreds of people create career paths and develop necessary skillsets. We provide you the tools for landing the ideal job.

Kinisi Career Coaching
If you know who you are, you will know what to do.
—Ronald J. Greer