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I have struggled with exercising and eating right for years. I’ve sought advice from friends, family and the occasional Facebook post. And it’s not that I’ve gotten bad advice but I simply could not act on the advice and tips for very long. I couldn’t figure out why and looking back I didn’t really try to either. I found Tara through a friend and I am so thankful I did! She was so good at seeing what I couldn’t see, listening to me, and figuring out when I needed more encouragement or a little tough love. I needed her every single one of those 12 weeks. She taught me how to be accountable to myself and that working on the goals FOR myself would get me most successful. I was standing in my own way and not working with a purpose. I have learned so much and can say I am meeting my exercise and eating right goals! I wish I had found her sooner!

— Emily, SD

Your help was what I thought I needed and more. The post-divorce complications and high emotions were more than I could handle. You talked me back to reality many times and helped me keep my priorities in check. Working with you consistently was necessary to get me past my anger and able to work with my ex. A BIG accomplishment!

— Matt, MO

After working with Tara, I finally found the career that was the right fit for me. I had been going through the motions for years and hadn’t really taken control of where I wanted to go. Tara helped me see my potential and what opportunities there were to consider. I needed some structure and guidance and honestly a little push. I wouldn’t have discovered this career and be happy in my work without her!

— Carli, KS

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