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Every year millions of people filled with the hope of real transformation spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on products, supplements, equipment, and memberships only to end up feeling like failures. It’s easy to blame the equipment, the product, the gym, or worse – ourselves. What we don’t realize is that we can have all the best equipment in the world and be perfectly poised to perform but without the right mindset, we will continue to meet “failure.” In almost every case of not meeting our goals, mindset is the missing link.

Kinisi mindset coaching is designed to retrain your mindset through a physical movement coaching process. Physical movement and exercise are critical to both your body and your mind and are immensely beneficial, but if you don’t retrain your brain through this process, you will fall short of your own expectations. Kinisi helps you put a stop to the yo-yo effect once and for all.

Stop wasting money and put an end to the try-and-fail perpetual cycle that you’ve been living. We help you get into motion and we prepare you to stay in motion. Our passion for this particular coaching style lies in the fact that it also deeply influences all other areas of our lives. The most impactful life changes begin with our mindset.

Experience the benefits of working with Kinisi’s Mindset Coaching:

  • Create a vision for your life that primarily focuses on physical movement
  • Identify your strengths, deficiencies, and goals
  • Recognize the causes behind past failures and success
  • Create an accountability plan; learn self-accountability
  • Establish a daily routine
  • Create lasting habits that will keep you moving

Kinisi Mindset Coaching works with physical movement while addressing the core issues – as opposed to simply treating the symptoms – and transforms the mindset that may be holding you back.

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The hard part isn't getting your body into shape. The hard part is getting your mind into shape.