Why KINISI Coaching?

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Why use a Life Coach?

Life coaching is for anyone that wants to do and become more. Some of the most successful people in the world work with life coaches. No coincidence there. Don’t believe the myth that life coaching is only for those who are “lost” or have “lost control”. That’s purely false. Self-improvement is always necessary and more often than not, we need assistance in achieving it.

Life coaching is just like sports coaching, only instead the focus is for one’s life performance, not a particular sport. The coach is needed to push, guide, motivate, and mentor the athlete enough to reach their goals and maximize their potential.

Whether you want to find your direction and clarity in life, work through a life transition, conquer personal and/or professional goals, or simply become the best version of yourself, a coach will help you get there, one who is unbiased, judgment-free, feedback-driven, skilled, and professional. A good life coach helps you work through the core problem, not just treat the individual symptoms.

Too often, friends or family are symptom treaters and thus the core problem remains and the same cycles continue. Life coaching is for everyone, but not everyone is for life coaching. One has to be willing to receive constructive feedback, be actionable towards improvement, and be ready for a change. The professional life coaching sessions are successful when both the client and the coach are on the same path and working in true partnership. 

Our life coaching sessions are conducted remotely via phone, through web/video conferencing such as Zoom or Facetime, and other agreed-upon means depending on the client’s needs and preference. Local clients may have the option of in-person as well. Each session is set up to maximize the time spent and to prepare you for the tasks and goals in place. The Kinisi Coaching packages are specifically designed for success: the momentum for change and the time to form “best life” habits.

Check out our packages below for more details. Or schedule a free consultation to learn more about how Kinisi Life Coaching can help you achieve your goals.

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Our Packages

The Kinisi coaching packages are listed below. These are specifically designed to maximize results but custom coaching packages can be requested. Multi-package discounts are also available.

Jumpstart Movement

This includes a session
1 x per week for 12 weeks

Accelerate Movement

This includes a session
2 x per month for 3 months

Maintain Movement

This includes a session
1 x per month for 3 months