Kinisi Life Coaching

mindset for movement

Life can be messy.  It can be complicated and overwhelming.  Are you feeling this way right now?

Are you in a life transition or considering making a big change?

Do you have personal goals to achieve but feel stuck and keep putting them off?

Are you struggling with a work/life balance?

Do you have internal battles with yourself like self-worth and self-identity that may be interfering in your life?

Getting you moving in the right direction is what we love to do. We have helped many people successfully make changes in their lives, navigate life transitions, and create work/life balance.

The Kínisi Life Coaching program will help you get the movement you need to create a plan, take action, and get the best outcome:

  • Create a vision for your life
  • Identify your strengths, deficiencies, and goals
  • Establish work/life balance
  • Manage your time and stress
  • Recognize and finally move past what is holding you back
  • Boundaries and healthy self-awareness

Kinisi Life Coaching addresses the core problem – not just the symptoms – and stops the mindset that is holding you back. You have one life. To have your best one, you have to move forward.

Kinisi Life Coaching
Your attitude towards anything in life is completely under your control.
—Micah Lacerte