Vitamin N

mindset for movement

You may have heard of the ‘Power of No’ and it was likely shared with the power and right that it is.  But today, I’d like for you to think of the word ‘No’ in a different light. Not with need to have that power, but as a vitamin.  Something that is essential for you to be your best.  

When you think of the ‘power of no’, you may think control or this is something I must do to have ultimate authority over my life and decisions.  You need to say no to regain your schedule, manage your stress level, even consider self-care measures. But…what if you’re a people pleaser, or worry of hurting others feelings or letting them down?  Saying no is very difficult. And negative. It feels selfish.


Let’s put a different spin on it.  What if you viewed ‘No’ as a vitamin?  Vitamin N.  As something habitual and natural you do every day.  For yourself, to be your best self. To properly fuel you and nourish you.  Saying no, that you cannot commit to something right now, that your plate is full, doesn’t have to be a power play in your life.  It can be a habitual process, where you have evaluated what is best for you, and simply decided. Your time is valuable, you yourself are a priority over influence by others, and boundaries are healthy.


So take your vitamin N daily.  Nourish yourself.


Stayed tuned for an upcoming blog on The Nourishing ‘No’.  What saying no means, how to use it and the nourishment it can provide your life.